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Nov 26, 2016

We talk to social psychologist, Arlie Russell Hochschild, who helps us get inside the head, and more importantly, the heart of the typical Trump voter.  Also, Bill Curry gives us his take on the way forward for the Democratic Party.  And, Ralph responds to your questions about last week’s show on the Electoral...

Nov 19, 2016

Stephen Silberstein of National Popular Vote rejoins us to tell us how the Electoral College can be reformed to more fully reflect the will of the people.  And Ralph pays tribute to longtime colleague and head of The Center for Auto Safety, the late Clarence Ditlow.

Nov 12, 2016

Salon’s Bill Curry and The Nation’s John Nichols join Ralph and David to sort out what the hell just happened this past election day.

Nov 5, 2016

Author, Dan Zak, tells us the gripping story of the three peace activists, who broke into the most heavily guarded nuclear facility in the country.  And poet Samuel Hazo tells us who “they” are in his new book of poetry entitled “They Rule The World.”